Unity 2000 Plot

FINALLY! You get to read the entire Unity 2000 story!

Click at the bottom of this page to download and open the complete 49 page Unity 2000 plot. You will need Adobe Acrobat to be able to view the .pdf file, if you don't have it, then get it for free from http://www.adobe.com

This file contains the plot for the two intro issues, plus all six regular issues of Unity 2000, of which the last 3 parts were never published. You are reading the plots. In mid 2001, I offered the chance to get a hardcopy, which was about 140 pages and contained the complete plot and complete script for all but the last issue (The plot is the writer's vision of the book before the art is drawn, the script is the word-for-word dialogue for the comic book). I don't plan on putting the 140 page book online because as is, this plot-only version is a whopping 32 megabites (!), the 140 pager would probably come in at 100 megs.

So here you go- finally... UNITY 2000!

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